I have been driving a car since I was 17. I was a professional driver in the Royal Air Force where I refuelled aircraft, chauffered V.I.P.s and a multitude of different vehicles from minis to articulated goods vehicles and 59 seater coaches.


On leaving the services I drove H.G.V.s and coaches (double deckers) around the U.K., France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Germany & Spain. I moved to Plymouth from Sheffield in 1987 to be a transport manager and driver. This lasted a short time before I moved to Guernsey for nine months to drive buses.


Before starting my teacher training I lived in the South of France working as a coach shuttle driver- taking passengers to Salou on the final leg of their journey.


In 1998 I graduated as a primary school teacher- a job I adored for almost 15 years- and qualified as a head teacher (N.P.Q.H.). For a number of reasons I left full time teaching in January 2013 to begin a new career in driving instruction.


In 2010 I won my judo black belt, hence the name of my company- a combination of my passions for judo, driving and teaching.





belt adi badge


Pay as you go lessons


 £30 per hour 


£37.50 1 1/2 hours

Grade 'A' instructor

Grade 'A' instructor

Black Belt Driving Academy