After your test

Taking the driving test is not the end of your learning- it is the beginning of a whole new part of your life. You will have a new freedom, a licence to drive your vehicle anywhere, anytime.



and then...

You could take the Institute of Advanced Motorists test to enhance your skills further.

Fancy towing a caravan? Why not spend a half or full day learning to tow safely with an experienced caravanner?


The course covers-

*  safety checks

*  hitching up

*  forward driving on a variety of roads including A roads, town roads and country lanes

* reversing

* unhitching


It's not only men who tow! Why not share the day  so you can both enjoy the driving?


**PLEASE NOTE that you will have to supply the towing  vehicle and caravan for this day.



Grade 'A' instructor

belt adi badge

Black Belt Driving Academy